8 Benefits of Installing a Mosquito Control System in Your Backyard

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Mosquitoes’ presence can be annoying, especially if they are plenty. If you are out in your backyard with your friends and family or just relaxing on your own, having no mosquitoes bite you every now is wonderful. There are several ways to help eliminate those pesky insects, such as having a proper mosquito control system [...]

Mosquito Season Is Coming: Are You Prepared?

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Mosquito season is coming are you prepared Mosquito bites can be irritating, and at times, stressful. There can be hardly anything as annoying as these pesky creatures biting you round the night, or messing your evening hours as you rest in your backyard. After all, mosquitoes carry diseases, and it would be wise to seek [...]

Can Mosquitos Spread Diseases?

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Can Mosquitos Spread Diseases in South Carolina? With the world facing new challenges almost every month from new variants of the Covid-19 virus, many people have wondered if mosquitos can act as a transmissible factor. These insects have been known to transit a wide range of viruses including Zika, West Nile, Dengue, and Chikungunya among [...]