Knockout Mosquito : Pest Control Company in Charleston, South Carolina

As a pest control company in Charleston SC, we know it is an evolving industry.  While the primary purpose remains the same, – to control the pests that carry diseases such as West Nile and Lyme Disease – new, greener, and more effective methods of control due to modern technology have all entered the marketplace.  These new products are safer for your kids, pets and the environment, and were developed as a response to honeybee and other non-target species disruption.

In my fifteen years as the owner of Knockout Mosquito Systems, I have witnessed hundreds of attempts to develop new products targeting mosquitos without becoming controversial. I have attempted to integrate many different methods into my business to accommodate every customer and situation. As a pest control company emphasizing mosquito control I am always looking for the best solution.

The best mosquito control solution and the safest thus far has been the automated control system.  Knockout Mosquito Systems is utilizing these systems – as well as backpack spraying for temporary relief – and our customers have greatly appreciated their ability to enjoy the outdoors.  Until now these have been the two most productive practices to control a wide variety of biting insects.

A pest-spray development company (Y2Care) came up with a mosquito trap of sorts called the Y2CARE Mosquito Pot. This product has been shown to contl container breeders (aka, mosquitos) at an astounding success rate. This pest control product uses a patented product to contaminate the breeding areas with no chemical application to the control sight. We have found the product to be amazingly useful when integrated in to our current pest control practices. After using this revolutionary pest control product we have been seeing a dramatic drop mosquito numbers.