Mosquito season is coming are you prepared

Mosquito bites can be irritating, and at times, stressful. There can be hardly anything as annoying as these pesky creatures biting you round the night, or messing your evening hours as you rest in your backyard. After all, mosquitoes carry diseases, and it would be wise to seek professional services to prevent them as much as possible. With a dedicated approach to mosquito control, you can keep away the perils from bothering you.

At, we continue to deliver value to our clients through fogging, misting, and other advanced techniques. With the mosquito season approaching, you might be bracing up to ward off these pests. With our effective mosquito control services, you can ensure the security of your family members.

When do you Need to Prepare Yourself for Mosquitoes?

It all depends on the area where you reside that you need to prepare yourself to face them. The mosquito season may be short or long, considering your location and time of the year. In general, certain factors determine the intensity of the problem you are about to face.

  • Humidity and rain: Mosquitoes, like some other insects, love to breed in humid conditions. If you reside in a humid or rainy place, you might be encountering long months of mosquito trouble. These conditions attract mosquitoes for breeding.
  • Warm temperatures: Mosquitoes prefer living in warmer climates. If you live somewhere where the temperature starts ticking high during the early part of the year and continues for most of the time, you are likely to experience longer mosquito seasons.
  • Mild winters: Given that mosquitos start troubling with the onset of summer, mild winters favour their infestation. Particularly, the absence of cold and long winters fosters their growth. Short and mild winters, therefore, attract mosquitoes faster than usual.

What are the Different Ways of Controlling Mosquitoes?

The reputed mosquito control service providers deploy three effective techniques. These are:

  • Mosquito fogging
  • Mosquito misting
  • Deploying mosquito traps

1. Mosquito Fogging

Established mosquito control professionals use fogging machines to eliminate these pests. This is an effective method to control mosquitoes. Once our experts deploy the technique, you will not have annoying summers, swatting these insects. When you reach out to us, our licensed specialists would inspect your area. After a careful assessment of the property, the professionals will use a mosquito fogging machine, spraying fine drops around your home. The experts also take care to use this eco-friendly solution on your foliage and shrubs.

For additional protection, our experts apply repellent granules around the yard. Moreover, the experts treat areas prone to mosquito infestations, like wetlands and damp zones. The professionals also scan through all the susceptible places, like lawns, HVAC units, flowerpots, drains, and birdbaths.

Presently, experts deploy two types of mosquito fogging machines. These are the electricity-backed cold fogging machines and propane-powered thermal foggers.

2. Mosquito Misting

Mosquito misting systems involve an automatic machine capable of spraying insecticides in the form of a fine mist around the yard. These systems are a perfect solution for areas that witness a high infestation of mosquitoes. A monthly spray can keep your backyard and surroundings free from mosquitoes. Some of the advanced mosquito misting systems come with timers, that automate the spray time. Particularly, you need to apply the mist during dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes are particularly active during certain times of the day. A professional approach to mosquito control ensures that they won’t be messing up your good times.

The misting system consists of a tank with a nozzle. The products used for misting include semi-organic, organic, and synthetic components. Depending on the requirements of the clients, the experts deliver the needful. This might vary as per the specifications related to the intensity of the infestation, yard size, etc.

3. Deploying mosquito traps

Deploying mosquito traps have proven to be an effective mechanism to deal with the issue. This is somewhat similar to a baited rat or mousetrap. The professionals set up the trap, and the egg-laying mosquitoes get into these when they have contact. In the water, the experts put a non-toxic bait, that can effectively control their population. It consists of an enzyme, that sticks to the legs of the mosquitoes. Eventually, they get carried to the breeding areas for controlling the growth of eggs. Besides, the host dies within 24 hours, further cutting down the mosquito population around your home.

Can you do your own mosquito control?

Although you might be wondering that trying to control the mosquitoes yourself can save you some costs, experts recommend otherwise. After all, you need to leave certain tasks with professionals who know the process well. In the first place, you would have to invest in expensive hardware, equipment, and chemicals for controlling the mosquitoes. Next, the lack of professional knowledge would prevent you from deploying the mosquito control measures to their full potential. Therefore, you should not try controlling mosquitoes on your own. From time to time, you need to seek dedicated assistance from experts.

Of course, you can try and keep your home clean, which prevents mosquito infestation significantly. Here are some other maintenance tips, that can help you control mosquitoes.

  • Remove stale water around the home, apply bleaches in the garbage dumps and prevent the rubbish from accumulating. Once you reach out to the experts, they would recommend you the right frequency of seeking mosquito control
  • Eliminate standing water around your homes. Keep the gutters and drain cleaner, so that they do not serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Remember, a single mosquito can lay more than 100 eggs in these waters.
  • Maintain your pools and yards, removing grasses and fallen leaves from these places.

You may reach out to us at Knockout Mosquito for mosquito fogging, misting, and other control services. We adhere to industry standards and use eco-friendly materials. Give us a call at 843-270-1729 to get a quote. You may also discuss different mosquito control measures with our professionals. Our experience and assistance will see you through all sorts of mosquito troubles.