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Should I Consider a Pest Control DIY Project in Charleston, South Carolina?

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The professionals at Knockout Mosquito, the premier mosquito control company in Charleston, South Carolina, often visit homes where the owners attempted to rid their property of pests. We know it is very tempting to look to Do-It-Yourself pest control methods to get rid of the pests on your property whether you are trying to save a [...]

Powassan Virus in Charleston, South Carolina

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As the premier mosquito and tick misting experts in Charleston, South Carolina, the Knockout Mosquito professionals know that ticks aren’t just disgusting, they are dangerous. Every year we see a growth in the tick population and spread diseases, many of which are difficult to diagnose and treat. As you may have seen in the news of [...]

Can Bats Help Control Mosquitoes?

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Knockout Mosquito, the experts in mosquito control, located in Charleston, South Carolina, is often asked about the myth that bats crave a mosquito diet. To clear up any misunderstanding, it is no myth. As unnerving as it may be to have bats flying around your yard, they are mosquito-killing machines. Despite their less-than-desirable reputation, bats [...]