Should I Consider a Pest Control DIY Project in Charleston, South Carolina?

The professionals at Knockout Mosquito, the premier mosquito control company in Charleston, South Carolina, often visit homes where the owners attempted to rid their property of pests. We know it is very tempting to look to Do-It-Yourself pest control methods to get rid of the pests on your property whether you are trying to save a few dollars or are just trying to take care of the problem quickly. However, there are several reasons why DIY pest control projects do not work and can actually make the problem worse. In this article, we will discuss a few of the reasons why pest control should not be a DIY project.

Why Should Pest Control NOT be a DIY Project in Charleston?

The risks to your family and pets. This is THE most important reason that a DIY pest control project should be left to the professionals. Chances are you are not familiar with the insecticides you are blanketing your yard. These pesticides are poisonous and can cause injury or even death to humans and animals.

Venomous insects. Trying to get rid of insects without being bitten by ones that can actually cause physical harm is difficult. From allergies to spider bites, venomous insects should be tampered with by amateurs. Many are surprised that one of the most venomous insects in America resides in South Carolina and it is an ant. The Harvester Ant can be aggressive and dangerous as they deliver a painful sting. Sometimes, the stings of harvester ants can cause allergic reactions, especially to those sensitive to their venom. Aside from their powerful stings, harvester ants also bite viciously.

Not finding the root of the problem. While you may be destroying the insects you see, there are still plenty still hiding in the nest. You may be taking care of a few, but the problem is still growing and can lead to a continuous infestation

Respiratory issues. Randomly spraying without knowing the pesticides you are using can create respiratory issues including permanent damage to your lungs.

Chemical burns. Another potential hazard of using pesticides are chemical burns. Pesticides are meant to kill pests and can cause serious damage if you are not careful

Scattering the insects. Many will begin spraying once they see insects; this is not a good idea. Some insects will scatter when the mosquito killer spray is applied, thus, spreading them across your property.

Not treating the right areas. Because Knockout Mosquito technicians are professional exterminators, we know where they are and how to eliminate them.

Environmental risks. Improper use of pesticides may lead to chemicals leaking into water supplies, vegetable gardens and possibly the air inside your home. Many DIY pest control chemicals have the potential to contaminate the ground and air around your home if not used properly.

When you consider a DIY pest control project, also consider the ramifications. Some DIY projects are wonderful money-saving activities such as painting and landscaping. However, pest control should not be one of them. Our proprietary mosquito misting system is not harmful to your family, pets or the environment. Contact Knockout Mosquito today for a free estimate.



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