The Best Mosquito Misting System in Charleston, SC

Whether it is indoor or outdoor, mosquitoes cause trouble everywhere. It is somehow easy to control them within the walls, but how to control them outside? Let’s learn about mosquito misting systems that are used to treat mosquitoes anywhere.

Mosquitoes are omnipresent

There is barely a place that can ensure the absence of mosquitoes in all conditions. Several Charleston SC families have adopted residential misting systems that control the growth of mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects around the home to beat this flying trouble. These systems, once installed, are easy to operate and are efficient in reducing mosquito infestation.

Mosquito misting systems are robust and yield maximum output from each use, but it has to be decided first whether it is appropriate for your home or not. Misting systems are safe to use as long as human and untargeted beings remain far from their contact. A professional team uses the right approach and ensures that only this targeted flying creature is affected by misting systems.

What is the Residential Misting System?

Residential misting systems are outdoor mosquito control systems designed to kill mosquitoes and other insects by spraying a fine mist of pesticides. Misting systems flaunt a spray nozzle mounted around the perimeter of a home, lawn, fence, or any specific part to spray pesticides down on an infected area. The spray nozzle is connected by a tube to the supply of pesticides, controlled by remote control or a switch. The misting system can be turned on manually, or preset time intervals can be assigned to turn it on at a fixed time regularly.

Mosquito misting systems are much more like irrigation systems, placed primarily around the planting beds, gardens, and vegetation area. These systems are set at such places because mosquitoes take birth in these areas.

One of the main attractions of residential misting systems is that they are automated – totally hands-free. They also have a spray range of 2-3 meters, thus providing a wide reach. However, the pesticides used in it can vary as per the intended use. So, let’s learn about the pesticides used in our residential misting systems to halt mosquito growth.

Pesticides Used in Mosquito Misting Systems

The pesticides used in residential misting systems include pyrethrins and permethrin. Additionally, our misting system may also contain piperonyl butoxide. The chemicals found in pesticides can vary, and hence it is important to choose them carefully. It is recommended to use only EPA-approved pesticides for misting purposes.

In recent times, many pesticide makers are producing botanical and biodegradable pesticides that are less harmful to humans and other living beings. We, Knockout Mosquito, deal in total natural solutions for residential misting systems. This means we care for our clients and love to go the extra mile to serve our clients with the best solutions.

Are Residential Misting Systems Safe and Effective?

When it comes to pesticides, how much natural and organic they might be, it is advised to keep them away and save yourself from contacting them. It is also recommended to check the pesticide label to confirm whether it is safe for use or contains harmful or illegal substances.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many other mosquito control professionals believe that a combined approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the best way to fight the mosquito population. It means that not any single protection measure but a combination of measures is the way to tackle and outpower mosquitoes. Like, settled water is the prime cause behind the birth of larvae and the existence of mosquitoes. So, primary precautions of getting rid of settled water, mosquito control measures like misting systems, mosquito traps, mosquito fogging spray, etc., can be brought together to fight out of the ailments mosquitoes. Although the outdoor misting systems aren’t studied enough, their practical performance proves their effectiveness in playing their own role. By using such backyard mosquito control systems and surroundings of a home can be kept safe from mosquitoes.

As far as misting systems’ safety is concerned, they are completely safe if they are kept away from human contact. The pesticides sprayed from it aren’t meant to be inhaled or brought in contact with the body. So, misting systems are much more effective and safer than other products for outdoor mosquito treatments, but coming in contact with pesticides should be strictly forbidden.

Things to Remember About Using Misting Systems

Now we know what misting systems do, what pesticides are sprayed, and how effective and safe these systems are. But there are a few things you should remember and take care of before using misting systems –

a) Get the system installed by an expert technician and use misting systems of known and authentic mosquito solutions providers.
b) Make sure the spray nozzles are adjusted to spray towards the targeted area and away from places associated with cooking, drinking water, swimming pools, etc.
c) Place nozzles as close to the ground to avoid chemical drift. Chemical drift may cause problems to other people, animals, and the environment.
d) Place nozzles to face away from the air conditioners and any other air intakes.
e) Use the system when mosquitoes and pests are most active.
f) Do not use the misting system when people, pets, or eatables are present.
g) Avoid using the misting system during high wind or rain.
h) Be aware of the maximum daily usage limit of pesticides.
i) Keep the system turned off when not needed for long periods of time.

Mosquito misting systems play a vital role in reducing mosquito populations, especially in a larger area from where mosquitoes enter. Keeping the outdoors safe from mosquitoes is a far better precaution than fighting them off after entering the home. As these systems can help avoid mosquitoes’ diseases, it is quite beneficial to get these installed and rid of a long-time worry. Residential misting systems don’t require heavy maintenance.  We offer plans to maintain your system on a monthly basis.

We, Knockout Mosquito, serve the best-in-industry residential misting systems, along with our other products like mosquito killer traps, mosquito fogging spray, etc. We excel in providing misting solutions safe for animals and all types of grass and ornamental plants.