Tips For Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool and Backyard

Summers are always the best time of the year – it is when you can take a plunge in the pool and move your get-togethers to a beautiful outdoor setting. You can even go for a sunbath or plan a small pool party with your near and dear ones.

However, before any of this, there is one thing we all need to take care of – the mosquito situation!

Mosquitoes – The Real Party Spoilers!

We have encountered times where these uninvited buzzing creatures have spoiled our party and forced us to move indoors.

Although tiny in size, mosquitoes pose health issues that can even kill a person. Last year, these creatures were in the news for Zika, which is still fresh in our minds. Chikungunya, malaria, and West Nile fever are some of the other life-threatening diseases that these pesky creatures bring along to affect our health and peace of mind.

Well, mosquitoes’ very existence can never be eliminated, but steps can be taken so that their population remains under check. There are various mosquito control measures that you can opt for to prevent mosquito attacks. In this article, we have listed some useful tips to protect your pool and backyard from mosquitoes and keep your surroundings mosquito-free; have a read –

Set Up Mosquito Traps

If you are looking for a pesticide-free way of getting rid of these nasty insects, mosquito killer traps are your best bet.

Mosquito traps draw these flying creatures by releasing elements that are the same as those released by humans and animals.

Some traps use propane gas and convert it into CO2 to stimulate our breath. Others use CO2 combined with UV rays or LED lights to attract insects by imitating human movement. Mosquitoes and other insects are lured towards these devices. A fan or a vacuum draws them inside a cage where they dehydrate and die. You will have to choose a target place and leave the rest to these traps!

Keep Your Property Clean

Yes, those tall overgrown grass and hedges are soothing to our eyes but are an open invitation to mosquitoes.

These tiny insects love taking shelter in the cold shrubs on summer days! Keeping the vegetation under check and getting the grass trimmed regularly will ensure that mosquitoes do not find an abode in them.

Also, puddles of water that form in your lawns are the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Hence, make sure that there is no stagnant water in your backyard, and your drainage system is working fine to prevent any water accumulation.

Build a Screen Room Enclosure

Spending on a screen room enclosure once can help you stop mosquitoes from entering your pool area for a lifetime.

Screen room enclosures are a transparent four-walled structure that surrounds your pool or backyard. Also known as Lanais, these enclosures have shown 100% effectiveness against all kinds of insects.

Lately, screen room enclosures are quite popular in regions where the mosquito population is quite high and where no other solution is successful in wading them off. However, you must maintain them and repair holes that appear over time.

Yes, you have to incur a one-time expenditure, but it is worth the investment when our loved ones’ health is questioned.

Hang Mesh Patio Curtains

Mesh patio curtains are a temporary yet useful option to prevent mosquito attacks.

Not as effective as screen rooms, they can cover a small area of your backyard or a small-sized pool. These curtains can be made to hang from a roof, awning, or columns in a large cabana and block the entry of insects in a gathering.

Mesh patio curtains come with support frames and can easily be made to use in an open space. If you need some privacy from neighbors, you can always prefer the semi-opaque ones instead of the transparent ones. These curtains can quickly be taken down without any professional help and should be the ideal choice for satisfying your immediate needs.

Keep Monitoring Your Pool Cover

The water inside the pool itself is not ideal for the mosquito larvae to survive because of the chlorine content.

However, the concrete spaces surrounding it or any solid material used for covering your pool can carry stagnant water from nearby sprinklers or occasional rainfall.

Mosquitoes only need a little water to lay eggs on, so you must ensure that any accumulated water is removed on a timely basis. Your little efforts in monitoring the pool cover will save you from several health hazards caused by these buzzing insects.

Eliminate Potential Water Reservoirs

Check for other potential water reservoirs at your property regularly. Abandoned buckets in the backyard, unused inflatable pool toys, flower pots, and plates beneath them are ideal breeding spots for mosquitoes. Once you have identified the grey areas, check them for water regularly and empty them.

If you have a pet house in your backyard, make sure you keep it clean as mosquitoes love to take shelter in dirty spaces. Even cleaning up a small water puddle can help you get rid of an entire family of mosquitoes at once!

Hire a Professional Team

If you have tried everything yet are unable to prevent the mosquito invasion, it’s time you leave the matter to professional mosquito control companies in Charleston. Professional pest control knows and implements aggressive methods to hunt down these tiny pesky creatures and eliminate their presence. Some agencies might also offer a free inspection of your site to identify solutions to your problems – all you need to do is give them a call!

We hope that these hacks mentioned above would help you cut down, if not eliminate, the mosquito population on your property. However, if you are looking for professional help, our team at Knockout Mosquito Systems would love to assist you. We are one of the top-rated mosquito control companies in Charleston, SC, and have all the tools and knowledge to make your property mosquito-free.

If you are ready to ditch the DIY approach and looking for expert help, click here.