Why Should You Subscribe to a Mosquito Control Service in Charleston, South Carolina?

Mosquitoes are infamous, dangerous insects.
Not only do they bite and suck our blood, but they also inject their saliva in the bloodstream that can lead to deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile Virus (WNV), and some other types of fever.

If you are pestered by this buggy creature and want to get rid of them, this blog might help. Know lesser-known facts on mosquitoes and hire a professional backyard mosquito control system company to live in a mosquito-free surrounding.

Origination of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes – where do they come from?

Well, the problem starts with the birth of mosquitoes at a collective rate. They breed in stagnant water present around a property and increase their population rapidly. Oftentimes, these insects form a large fleet around bushes and tall grass, where they find a safe space to hide and bother people all summer long.

Reasons to Worry

The biggest concern with mosquitoes is the fact that infected ones can make us very, very sick.

Diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, etc. are communicated through mosquitoes. Mostly, these diseases originate in the form of fever, but if not treated on time, it can become life-threatening. Do note that these diseases bring along body ache, joint pain, and rashes, which all make a person weak and suffer for a couple of months.

How to Fight Mosquitoes?

It’s a hard job to keep oneself safe from these pesky little insects. They seem to be omnipresent and keep bugging and biting us, leaving an itchy-red patch behind.

However, there is always a way out.

Modern medicines are trying to win over mosquitoes and the infections they cause, but it is always nice to believe in the policy – ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Preventing mosquitoes requires keeping the surroundings clean and getting effective mosquito control systems that kill mosquitoes and curb their population explosion.

It’s a good idea to subscribe to mosquito control services to safeguard yourself from mosquito bites and prevent fatal infections. Experts from a mosquito control company know advanced solutions to beat this notorious creature and create mosquito-free surroundings.

Interested to know everything in detail?

Keep up with us, as now we will guide you through the mosquito control systems and their usability –

What is a Mosquito Control System?

A mosquito control system is a practical way to avoid irritating mosquitoes.

Also called mosquito misting system or mosquito misters, mosquito control systems are effective tools designed to spray pest-control chemicals in the form of a fine mist or fog. This misting system includes nozzles that are used for spraying.

Mosquito misters are mounted around the perimeter of the house or backyard on the fence or boundary walls. A pipe is used to carry the pesticide to the spray nozzles, and it can be operated by the type of misting system you choose (remote control, switch control, or auto-timer). The system’s pesticide falls on the grass & bushes, keeping them moist and killing mosquitoes lingering on and around it.

Mosquito fogging is yet another great technique to get rid of mosquitoes. In this method, insecticides are filled up in a container and sprayed in the form of fog to neutralize every hidden mosquito and creepy pest. This is a proven approach to eliminate mature breeding adults and treat the place to curb further breeding possibilities.

How to Avoid Mosquitoes in Home

While mosquito control systems prevent mosquitoes from buzzing in backyards and outdoor settings, some effective ways can cut mosquito infestation from home and make you live comfortably.

Here are top tips that will help you avoid indoor mosquito troubles-

  • Mosquito Traps                 

Mosquitoes find their victims by getting attracted to carbon dioxide, which is exhaled by the prey. Considering this, the world’s innovative minds are up with indoor mosquito killer, a system that gives out a plume of carbon dioxide, much like we humans do. This acts as a signal which lures the mosquitoes – they get trapped in the system and die of dehydration and lack of food.

You can buy a mosquito trap from the market or go for a mosquito trap DIY using a plastic bottle, sugar, and yeast.

  • Use of Mosquito Repellent Lotions

Mosquitoes spot their prey by the smell of a human body.

To avoid mosquito bites, mosquito repellent products like creams and lotions should be applied to all exposed areas of our body. These repellent creams mask our body’s smell and give an odor that won’t appeal to mosquitoes, thus making them wander around without biting us.

  • Extra Care is Also Necessary

Apart from the above-mentioned things, you can also keep yourself safe from mosquitoes by using smart tricks like wearing full-sleeved clothes, using screen tents for camping, and avoiding dark-colored clothes linked with tempting mosquitoes.

Changing water weekly in flower vases and draining standing water present around the property is also suggested to nullify mosquitoes’ possible breeding spots.

Mosquito control should not be delayed, as a single bite from this creature can make you sick and weak to a level unimaginable. Apart from that, think of all the medical expenses and pain that a mosquito might cost you. Stay protected – plan for installing a mosquito misting system at your place to live happily in a mosquito-free world.

We hope we were able to help you today!

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