What Are Mosquito Misting Systems? 

Misting systems are tools that automatically generate sprays of insecticides to prevent the proliferation of annoying mosquitoes on premises of residential and commercial properties. These tools are readily available for purchase. 

Additionally, misting systems produce insecticide sprays registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Examples of these insecticides are natural pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids. Insecticides with minimal risks are also compatible to be used with misting systems. 

The latter insecticides, though, have not been registered with EPA nor assessed for proof of effective uses. Below is the additional information about mosquito misting services that Knockout Mosquito Systems provides. These services aid you in safekeeping sanitary premises and healthy well-being: 

Benefits of Utilizing an Integrated Mosquito Management Approach 

The integrated mosquito management or IMM method that Knockout Mosquito Systems provides is a mix of strategies that prevent mosquitoes from loitering. Among the methods that IMM covers include mosquito surveillance, getting rid of spots where mosquitoes lay eggs, regulating the formation of larvae and pupae, and killing adult-aged mosquitoes. 

Additionally, the IMM method covers the monitoring control programs to ensure mosquito control regulation systems are functional. This method is usually easy to implement. Mosquitoes surveillance aids in alerting you of the presence of mosquitoes on your premises. 

You may get so caught up with what’s happening around you and your daily tasks. So, you may not notice mosquitoes in your home or workplace. 

Problems that May Arise from Insecticide Routine Application

According to an article published on CDC.gov, the government agency doesn’t vouch for misting systems on residential property premises. Some of the detrimental effects of mosquito misting systems when utilized at home are the following: 

Insecticide Routine Application May Harm Beneficial Insects

You can’t control the operation of a misting system the entire day. A misting system that Knockout Mosquito Systems provides automatically applies insecticides, day and night times, according to the users’ programming of the system. However, non-harmful insects, such as bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, may get harmed once they become physically in contact with insecticides. 

Misting services from Knockout Mosquito Systems automatically spray insecticides when any insect is actively present. 

It May Pose Harm to the Environment

Misting systems are not registered under the EPA’s regulation. Routine consumption of these insecticide resources without legal and healthy regulation can damage the environment and, in turn, people’s health. 

Misting Systems Pesticides Used 

Most pyrethrins and permethrins pesticides may have piperonyl butoxide. The latter element is at risk of posing harm to the environment. Be sure to check the active elements of pesticides on the labels before purchasing them from Knockout Mosquito Systems. 

Many states regulate the use of minimum-risk pesticides. Check with your respective state’s government office regarding any protocols or alerts you need to know before using these pesticides from Knockout Mosquito Systems. Failure to do so can cause you to shoulder legal and health ramifications sooner or later. 

It’s illegal to use pesticides that misting systems generate. The EPA does not regulate that. 

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Residential Misting Systems

Outdoor residential misting systems from Knockout Mosquito Systems are normally installed on fences. They help regulate the control of the presence of mosquitoes in backyards where children play. Having no or little mosquitoes in outdoor spaces makes backyard get-togethers, such as barbeques and pool parties, comfortable and more enjoyable. 

The application of indoor residential misting systems from Knockout Mosquito Systems, though, may not be necessary often. Mosquitoes generally come from external environments of properties. So, indoor spaces are not as prone to mosquitoes as outdoor ones. 

Steps in the Application of Mosquito Misting Systems 

Mosquito misting systems have to be applied by step-by-step procedures. Failure to apply these procedures under consecutive steps yields ineffective results. It’s important to be alert in setting timed intervals in spraying insecticides out of mosquito misting systems from Knockout Mosquito Systems. 

Invest time setting these timed intervals, even if you’re constantly busy. Insecticides contain toxins. So, inhaling excessive amounts of insecticides can be harmful to health. 

Set-Up the Nozzles 

Technicians from Knockout Mosquito Systems install a couple of nozzles in your yard to install a mosquito misting system. In an ordinary backyard, only three nozzles are enough to sustain the system’s operation. 

Put Insecticide on the Nozzles 

The technicians from Knockout Mosquito Systems connect the nozzles to a multi-gallon insecticide reservoir. Natural botanical insecticides are used. These insecticides are the sources of prevention for mosquito eggs to hatch into larvae and turn into grown mosquitoes. 

Botanical insecticides get rid of adult mosquitoes, too. The reservoir has a couple of months’ worth of stock of liquid-based insecticide. 

The Nozzles Spray Insecticide 

The nozzles from Knockout Mosquito Systems are installed to spray insecticide during dawn and dusk. These instances are the moments when many mosquitoes are present and active. The drifting mist of the system all over your yard curtails the presence of all kinds of mosquitoes. 

Additionally, the nozzles have wind sensors, which equip them to modify how they spray the insecticide. What’s more, nozzles are also weather resistant and corrosion resistant. 

Average Cost of a Mosquito Misting System 

The cost of setting up and using a mosquito misting system varies on the size of your premises, the misting, and the amount of coverage you want. Buying a mosquito misting system doesn’t conclude with the costs you’ll have to shoulder in owning one. After you own a mosquito misting apparatus from Knockout Mosquito Systems, operation and maintenance costs arise. 

Other elements that determine the cost of a mosquito misting system are:

  • The manufacturer
  • System’s special features
  • Number of square footage premises that misting system occupies

Do a computation of your budget and the number of financial resources you have before you buy a mosquito misting system. It’s advisable to do this computation at least a month before you make a purchase decision.


Being around the presence of mosquitoes is a nuisance. Their presence makes you uncomfortable, and you somehow feel that your environment is filthy. 

It may be your first time coming across a mosquito misting system. If so, you may struggle to install it in your backyard. Knockout Mosquito Systems have your back in providing only effective mosquito misting system services to prevent dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases.