Have you ever experienced being a target of many insects once in your life? This is double the irritating feeling when you are targeted and followed by mosquitoes.

Being the most common and one of the deadliest insects worldwide, you need to know what is needed to stop mosquitoes from infecting you and your loved ones with diseases. Here’s all there is to know about it.

How dangerous are mosquitoes and their bites?

In many worldwide records and announcements, one mosquito bite can be dangerous and deadly. In fact, these insects are carriers of viruses that are highly hazardous to humans.

A red, itchy bump is not the only thing they leave you. With a bite you get from a mosquito, they are most likely to transmit to you all the viruses and diseases they have in their system.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases: 5 Types and Definitions

Mosquito bites are why some acquire illnesses that are indeed a threat to their health and well-being. The most common are dengue and malaria for humans and heartworm for our canine friends.

Generally, mosquito-borne diseases are extremely varied. Here is a breakdown of some of them with their definitions:

1. Dengue Fever

Coming from the deadly Dengue virus. This causes internal bleeding, fever, and nausea. It results in shock and, eventually, death if not treated immediately.

2. Malaria

Malaria causes mild illness in people and is transmittable from person to person when they are already infected. It manifests fever, chills, and poor appetite with headache and nausea.

3. Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a hemorrhagic disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It causes jaundice to the victim and can also include muscle pains and fever.

4. Chikungunya

Chikungunya is one of the viral diseases that can cause disturbingly painful joint and muscle pains that can last for years. It manifests fever and rashes from the victim also.

5. Zika Fever

Pregnant women infected by Zika will transmit it to their unborn child in the womb, which causes life-long disabilities.

Where can mosquito-borne diseases be caught?

In most cases, mosquitoes that carry these viral diseases or infections are all around. In most humid and very populated countries, mosquitoes are most active.

However, right in your very midst, mosquitoes can be waiting for the perfect time for you to be their next victim. Here’s where they usually breed and stay to plan out when they can attack:

  • Outdoors, mostly early in the morning and late in the evening
  • Areas that have dirty water stored in them
  • Landfill and waste spaces
  • Forests or places with wetlands and trees

How to Prevent Catching Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Apart from avoiding those areas where mosquitoes breed and live, you should know important points in preventing yourself or your loved ones from getting mosquito-borne diseases.

In doing this, you can maintain a healthy and well-lived life that you can live to the fullest and without limits. Here are tips on how you can prevent getting mosquito-borne diseases:

Always Keep Your Area Clean and Well-Maintained

This is the first thing to avoid mosquitoes being present near you. Mosquitoes thrive in filthy places, just like all viruses and bacteria.

Having a clean and tidy surroundings reduces the chances of this creature continuously reproducing and continuously giving life-threatening diseases to its victims.

Watch What You Wear

Opt for light-colored and long-length clothing choices. This will make the mosquitoes have a hard time being in contact with your exposed skin.

In doing this, the only way to transmit the disease is by biting your exposed skin and getting your blood while giving you the diseases they carry.

Have an Insect Repellant Ready

You can go natural or organic in this case, like citronella or catnip. A safe and effective repellent that you use and know can also be efficient to use.

Target Breeding Areas of Mosquitoes When Cleaning

Eliminate water in certain areas and equipment in your home or area. Standing water and dirty water are very helpful to mosquitoes in breeding.

Remove or clean always these common household materials immediately that may serve as a hosting venue for reproduction:

  • Tires, especially the old ones
  • Buckets with water
  • Birdbaths
  • Roof gutters
  • Flowerpots
  • Pet bowls

Don’t be Afraid to Use Netting When Outside

Going out on an adventure like camping or hiking is always fun, but it won’t be anymore if you get bit by a mosquito. Install netting for your tents or vehicles to avoid or lessen contact.

Make Sure Your Doors and Windows are Fixed and Have a Screen

It is always good to check if the doors and windows in your home or area have a screen with no big holes and prevent mosquitoes from passing.

Otherwise, it would be best if you immediately changed or repaired your entryways so they can serve their actual purpose of not letting in any bad elements from the outside.

Practice Fogging in Your Workplace or Home

Don’t be afraid to schedule a monthly fogging service for your home or area so that it can be treated properly to eliminate mosquitoes and their breeding grounds.

Remember to inform nearby individuals in the area and space that you will be doing this practice so they can be well prepared for it.


There are many ways to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, which is much easier than you think. The proper education, information, and tools will help you eliminate this problem.

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