Mosquito Fogging Services

Knockout Mosquito will rush to your assistance whether you’re at home or at your favorite hangout. We will spray the whole property to eliminate mosquitoes / ticks and enhance the quality of your time. We offer many alternatives for monthly mosquito fogging services in Bluffton, SC.

Knockout employs a three-step strategy for removing pests as follows:

  • Eliminate all breeding adults
  • Larvicidal treatment of harborage sites
  • Prevent the return of a breeding colony to the affected spots

Mosquito Fogging

Before fogging for mosquitoes, Knockout personnel are educated to identify non-target species. Additionally, they get training and information on the protection of these non-target species, such as honey bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and other similar pollinating insects. We always prioritize safety of these insects and work systematically to eradicate mosquitoes and other troublesome pests.

Knockout Signature Protection Monthly Plan

  • Skilled professionals will treat your whole property on a 21-day cycle, according to your preferences.
  • A technician will notify you of their arrival so that you can ready your animals.
  • We focus on breeding grounds and potential habitats surrounding your Charleston, SC, property.
  • No Contract, no obligations (Satisfaction Guaranteed)

Knockout Go Green Monthly Plan

  • Our eco-friendly product is administered on a 14-day cycle.
  • Knockout’s all-natural, non-synthetic method to mosquito and ticks control is all-natural and non-synthetic.
  • Biodegradable / non-reactive to the environment
  • Safe under all circumstances
  • All of our barrier spraying products include a 100 percent application period guarantee.
  • A technician will notify you of their arrival so that you can ready your animals.

No Contracts, No Hassle, No Worries!

Please contact for a free quote on mosquito fogging in Bluffton, SC and we will provide you with all the details you need.