Mosquito Fogging Services

Whether you are at home or at a favorite hangout, Knockout will come to your help. We will treat the whole property to eradicate Mosquitoes / Ticks and improve your experience. We provide several options for our monthly mosquito fogging services in Beaufort, SC. Knockout implements the following three-step technique to eliminate pests:

  • Eliminate all breeding adults
  • Larvicidal treatment of breeding grounds.
  • Prevent a breeding colony from returning to the impacted area.

Mosquito Fogging

Before fogging for insects, Knockout staff are trained to identify non-target insects. In addition, they get support and instruction on the protection of such non-target species, including honey bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and other pollinating insects. We work safely and adopt a targeted approach so you get reliable and efficient solutions administered safely on your property.

Knockout Signature Protection Monthly Plan

  • According to your choices, our expert personnel will treat the whole home on a 21-day schedule.
  • You will be notified of their visit so you can prepare your animals
  • We concentrate on breeding places and prospective habitats around your Beaufort, South Carolina home.
  • Without a contract, there are no responsibilities (Satisfaction Guaranteed)

Knockout Go Green Monthly Plan

  • Our eco-friendly product is use on a 14-day cycle
  • The all-natural, non-synthetic approach used by Knockout to reduce mosquitoes and ticks is all-natural and non-synthetic.
  • Environmentally non-reactive / biodegradable
  • Safe under all conditions
  • All of our barrier spraying products come with a 100% application guarantee.
  • You will be notified of their approaching visit so you can prepare your animals.

No Contracts, No Hassle, No Worries!

Please call for a free estimate on mosquito fogging services in Beaufort, SC and we will provide you with all the information you need.