Are Mosquito Traps Really Effective?

Having mosquitos around can become quite annoying. Especially when they are a lot, mosquitoes can become pesky insects that make you itch from their annoying biting. Some mosquitoes can even transmit harmful diseases from their bites. Mosquito traps are one of the several methods that can be used to lessen the number of mosquitoes hanging around your house.

With that said, can mosquito traps effectively prevent more mosquitos from showing up? This article will discuss whether or not mosquito traps are really effective.

How exactly does a mosquito trap work?

Mosquito traps are essentially designed to entice mosquitoes to lure them into becoming trapped and killed. Similar to how mosquitoes track other animals and us by breathing, mosquito traps copy this logic and attract mosquitoes by copying how humans exhale. While these traps are normally from carbon dioxide, some also work using light and heat.

Because of how mosquito traps work, these are a great method of controlling active mosquito groups. For large groups of mosquitoes, traps that use carbon dioxide as an attractant are great for catching these insects. Some traps use propane, which is a heat source, and it is also great for a big number of mosquitoes.

The Process of How Mosquito Traps Work

Since there are a variety of mosquito traps available in the market, they will normally have differences in how they function. However, even with differences such as the attractant used, all kinds of mosquito traps have the same purpose: to lure mosquitoes and kill them.

With that goal, the following steps are the simple procedure of how a mosquito trap works.

  1. All kinds of mosquito traps use some form of attractant to lure female mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are the ones who bite.
  1. The attractants typically try to copy the signals mosquitoes use to track blood and what they are attracted to, such as how humans breathe and light. Other attractants used for trapping mosquitoes are heat and certain kinds of smells.
  1. There are also a variety of ways how to trap mosquitoes. Common methods include electrocuting these insects when captured, using a fan to suck mosquitoes in, and using a sticky surface to let them be stuck in place.

Mosquito Traps Using Carbon Dioxide

One of the ways that mosquitoes locate blood to feed on is through the breathing of humans. Our breathing lets out carbon dioxide, which attracts these insects. One of the most used kinds of mosquito traps is the kind that copies the smell of carbon dioxide.

Instead of being attracted to the carbon dioxide, we release through breathing, this type of mosquito trap will lure mosquitoes in by using the scent of carbon dioxide gas. If the mosquito falls for the trap, it will be unable to leave it by various trapping methods. These methods include being sucked in by a fan, electrocution, and using a sticky surface to capture them.

Problems with Using Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

While using mosquito traps that use carbon dioxide as an attractant can effectively eliminate mosquitoes. These traps can also attract more mosquitoes into your vicinity, ultimately leading to little or no reduction in their numbers. Properly controlling the number of mosquitoes depends on their breeding habitats and species. Suppose traps aren’t enough, contact professionals for further help.

Are mosquito traps really effective to use?

Simply put, mosquito traps are proven to control the number of mosquitoes effectively. These traps can truly reduce the population of mosquitoes in areas where the traps are put. Lessening mosquitoes helps reduce the annoying insects and diseases that mosquitoes can transmit.

Even if they work, mosquito traps do not necessarily eliminate the entirety of mosquitoes. But, the traps work to the extent that they can eliminate a noticeable number of mosquitoes. This means that investing in a good-quality mosquito trap can satisfy customers. However, for these traps to work properly, they need to be placed in the proper area for the best results.

Even though different factors affect mosquito behavior, mosquito traps can still capture and kill many of these insects. While it is less helpful for controlling the population of mosquitoes on a community base, it will greatly help individual and home-to-home usage. In the end, mosquito traps can be a reliable and effective product to help lessen the number of mosquitoes that bother you.


Overall, mosquito traps can work wonders if they are installed in the proper places to target a group of mosquitoes. Although they aren’t used to eradicate mosquitoes, these traps can still kill a certain amount with no problems.

For better effectiveness, mosquito traps can be used with other repellents and mosquito control practices, saving you from countless mosquito bites. To help control your mosquito problem, offers top-notch pest control services you should seek out.