Mosquito Prevention

Mosquitoes can be quite a problem in the wet seasons. After all, nobody wants to suffer mosquito bites all day at home. This is in addition to the plethora of diseases that mosquitoes can spread. Thankfully, there are effective ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from mosquitoes. In fact, there are reputed companies that offer mosquito prevention services and products. Knockout Mosquito happens to be one of the best mosquito control companies in Charleston SC. We offer a number of services that would help you get your property free of mosquitoes.

How can you protect yourself from mosquitoes?

Especially if your home or the surrounding locality offers a perfect breeding ground, mosquitoes are almost inevitable. However, there are multiple ways to protect oneself from mosquitoes:

  1. Prevent mosquitoes from breeding

The best way to stay safe from mosquitoes is to prevent them from breeding in or around your home. This is essentially a solution that addresses the issue at its roots. You would not have to worry about mosquitoes if there is none. There are various steps that you can take for mosquito prevention. While some of these involve professional services, the rest are things that you may do yourself.

  1. Use mosquito repellants

Various mosquito repellant sprays are available in the market and can help you keep mosquitoes at bay. You may even find repellants meant for application on the skin to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.  However, these are temporary solutions and the mosquitoes would be back as soon as the effect of the repellant wears off.

  1. Install mosquito nets

You may keep mosquitoes out of your property by placing mosquito nets over the windows. While these nets keep out mosquitoes but allow airflow, they may affect the visual appeal of the room. You may also consider replacing your outdoor lights with special yellow lights that are less attractive to insects. However, these lights only lower the chances of drawing mosquitoes but do not repel them.

  1. Take precautions

There are different precautions that individuals pay personally take to keep themselves safe. For instance, one could wear long-sleeve shirts, socks, and long pants to cover up the skin. If a mosquito-borne disease is spreading in your area, you might want to stay indoors. Especially after sunset. Keeping yourself protected from mosquito bites is crucial for your health and safety.

How can you prevent mosquitoes?

As mentioned earlier, mosquito prevention is the best way to stay safe from mosquitoes. While the other methods are effective too, they do have certain drawbacks and do not offer a permanent solution. Here is how you may go about mosquito prevention:

  1. Remove all stagnant water

Mosquitoes can breed even in a small puddle of water. Check if the drainage system is draining properly, as there shouldn’t be any standing water. Do not leave out any excess water in flower pots, pet food bowls, etc. Most importantly, make sure that your gutters are clean, as gutters tend to be a very common breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  1. Remove mosquito habitat

Besides stagnant water, you would also want to get rid of any object that can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These include old tin cans, buckets, drums, and other trash items. By keeping your home clean and tidy, you can effectively deny the mosquitoes a proper habitat.

  1. Hire professionals

If the problem is acute and the mosquitoes do not seem to go away, you can hire professional services to get rid of them. Leading mosquito control companies use sophisticated means to eliminate mosquitoes and render their potential habitats unsuitable for breeding. Professionals use the right pesticides for the purpose and deliver long-term results.

In case there are water features that you don’t want to remove, such as an ornamental pond, you could prevent mosquitoes by using special products that kill their larvae. Building fountains over small water features works too, as the fountain would keep the water surface unstable and prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Get professional help for mosquito prevention

It is evident that if you are looking for a long-term solution to a mosquito infestation in your property, hiring professional services is the best way to go about it. This is also a more cost-effective way than temporary solutions. At Knockout Mosquitoes, we offer effective mosquito prevention services like:

  1. Mosquito misting systems

A mosquito misting system is a reliable and effective solution to combat mosquitoes. Our professionals can install a mosquito misting system around the perimeter of your home. The system would automatically spray a mosquito repellant mist twice or thrice a day.

The systems are easy to use, especially with remote-control functions. The upkeep of mosquito misting systems is quite pocket-friendly too. All-natural options are available for individuals who feel concerned about the environment.

  1. Mosquito fogging

If you have a large mosquito infestation on your property and need to get rid of it quickly, mosquito fogging services can be of help. We take a systematic approach during mosquito fogging, thereby making sure to deliver a long-lasting effect. After we eliminate all the adult mosquitoes that could breed, we take special care to treat the potential breeding habitats. The mosquito fogging treatment also helps to keep away new mosquitoes who could breed in the area.

We use eco-friendly pesticides meant to kill only mosquitoes. This, together with the training and expertise of our professionals helps to ensure that the fogging treatment wouldn’t hurt any other species.

  1. Mosquito traps

A highly effective way to deal with mosquitoes when you cannot identify their breeding ground is to use a mosquito trap. These traps use the mosquitoes as hosts to carry population control enzymes to their habitat. These enzymes do not pose a hazard to humans or pets.

The enzymes stay mixed with baited water that would attract mosquitoes. Now, the enzyme would attach to the mosquito’s legs as it leaves the water and flies back to its breeding area. Here, the enzyme would hinder egg growth and can even kill the host mosquito after a while.

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