DIY Mosquito Control vs. Hiring Professional Mosquito Services
in Charleston, SC

If you have a beautiful garden but cannot spend your evenings there due to mosquitoes, you are not alone. Mosquitoes are quite a menace for homeowners and can easily take away the joy of having a good outdoor living space. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that mosquitoes carry a plethora of serious diseases. The safety of your family should always be of paramount importance, which makes it necessary to arrange for mosquito control at the soonest.

Now, homeowners often face a dilemma in choosing between DIY mosquito control and professional services. DIY mosquito control often seems like a good way to save money, as you would not have to pay for spraying services. However, there are several stark differences that make it a wiser choice to hire a professional mosquito control company. At Knockout Mosquito, we are a leading mosquito control company operating in Charleston SC. We offer reliable mosquito control services for properties of every scale.

Are professional exterminators worth it?

There are reasons why multiple companies offer professional mosquito extermination services. It comes with several benefits that have led to high demand for such services. Here are a few ways in which professional services are far better than DIY mosquito control:

  • Effectiveness of the product

The mosquito spray products that professionals use are quite different from the ones that you may purchase at the local store. Professional-grade mosquito control products are far more effective. The ones available at the store usually range from low to moderate effectiveness and choosing the best one may be hard.

  • Equipment

The spraying equipment varies between DIY mosquito control and professional teams too. To apply the spray, most homeowners either use a garden hose or a backpack sprayer bought from the store. However, professionals use backpack blower sprayers that offer much greater coverage, including the surfaces of plant leaves.

  • Cost

One of the main reasons, if not the only reason why individuals often choose DIY over professional services is the costs associated with the latter. However, professional mosquito control is actually cheaper than you might realize. Carrying out a mosquito control by yourself involves various expenses, including the spray, the equipment, transportation to and from the stores, etc. Ultimately, hiring a professional company would be far more cost-efficient.

  • Safety

You would certainly not want to compromise on the safety of your family. DIY mosquito control involves several risks for the individuals residing in the property. For instance, an improper application could expose you or your family to harmful levels of chemicals. Storing leftover mosquito control chemicals could also be a safety concern.

  • Better application

Experienced professionals can apply the sprays much better than inexperienced individuals. They would use the right techniques to treat your property, eliminating mosquitoes as fast as possible. Failing to apply the spray properly would greatly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Spraying at the right places

Eliminating mosquitoes at their source is the key to effective mosquito control. However, finding the breeding grounds can be a daunting task. Professionals who have experience in this field know exactly where to look for. They would be able to get rid of the mosquitoes far more efficiently, which would, in turn, reduce the costs.

  • Timing of application

Treating the property regularly is almost as important as treating it properly. Long gaps in between treatments would allow the mosquitoes to breed and regrow their population. Professionals can come up with a proper schedule and would offer timely services. A key problem with DIY mosquito treatment is that you might not have time to spray the property at regular intervals.

How do professionals carry out mosquito control?

Professionals usually take up comprehensive methods for mosquito control. Depending on the situation, they would suggest a suitable treatment method or a combination of multiple techniques. Three of the key techniques are:

  • Mosquito fogging: This technique typically targets flying mosquitoes during their peak activity times, such as dusk. A professional would use fogging equipment to create a dense fog of pesticide meant to kill mosquitoes. The aerosols can effectively eliminate any mosquito flying in the treated area.
  • Mosquito misting: It may not be viable to hire professionals to visit your property and treat it every day. However, they can install automated mosquito misting equipment on your lawn. It would release the spray at set times of the day, thus treating your property constantly and keeping mosquitoes at bay.
  • Mosquito trap: In case it is hard to track down the breeding ground and treat it directly, professionals would use a mosquito trap. The trap contains baited water mixed with enzymes that isn’t toxic to humans or pets. Mosquitoes entering the water carry these enzymes to their nest upon returning, which then destroy the eggs.

Which is the best mosquito control service in Charleston, SC?

It is crucial to find a reliable company, as it would have a direct impact on how effective the mosquito control treatment is. You would essentially want to find the best company in your area to have your property treated. In Charleston, SC, Knockout Mosquito Systems is one of the top mosquito control companies.

We have years of experience in exterminating mosquitoes effectively and efficiently, along with a great track record. Our team is always:

  • On-time for the job
  • Reliable for every type of mosquito control treatment
  • Transparent about the whole process
  • Capable of handling major mosquito infestations
  • Professional in their approach

These have helped us stand out from the rest of the mosquito control companies in the region. We guarantee a hassle-free experience for each and every customer. Upon hiring our services, you can easily avoid the hassles and risks of DIY mosquito control.

Our team would carefully assess the problem at your property and come up with a personalized plan. In case mosquito misting is necessary, they would not only handle the equipment installation but would also provide you with all the necessary guidance. All you have to do is visit our website or give us a call at 843-270-1729.