Automated Misting Mosquito Control Systems in Atlanta, GA

No More Mosquitos!

  • (Automated misting systems) Knockouts ultimate answer to mosquito/tick control. Our goal with our automated misting systems is (OUT of SIGHT OUT of MIND) it is installed much like your irrigation system. Around planting beds and vegetation areas. Our system is designed to blend into the environment you have spent time and money to create.
    • Totally hands-free
    • Automatically releases 2-3 metered sprays per day depending on your needs
    • Remote control available on all systems
    • Knockout will service your system at all times to make sure it is operating at the optimal level
    • System fills
    • All natural Solutions available
    • System upkeep and care
    • Pressure checks
    • Safe for all types of grass and ornamental plants
    • Safe for animals
    • Extended warranties available on all our misting systems. Which is a no bill no worry maintenance plus program. Including all repairs and system maintenance/parts
    • Every Mosquito Misting system is customized to our property and lifestyle. Whether you spend most of your time in the pool or your family enjoys just spending time in the outdoors we are here to fight the bit so you don’t have to

    Winterizing of System

    • Clean out lines
    • Barrel cleaning
    • Filter debris removal

No More Mosquitos!

Knockout Mosquito will come to your rescue whether it’s your home business or where you like to spend your time. We will treat the entire property to rid you of Mosquitos/ Ticks and make your valuable time more enjoyable. We offer several options for the monthly mosquito control system in Atlanta GA

Knockout takes a three-step approach to eliminating your unwanted pests.
Eliminate all mature breeding adults.
Treet harboring areas for larva control.
Impede reintroduction of breeding population to the treated area.

Knockout operators are committed and trained to be aware of non-target species and their protection.
Honey Bees and other pollinating insects
Lady Bugs

Knockout Signature Protection Monthly Plan

  • Our experienced applicators will treat your entire property on a 21-day cycle on a schedule that works for you

  • A technician will inform you when they are coming so you can prepare your animals
  • We concentrate on breeding areas and possible living habitat around your home throughout the Atlanta GA area
  • No Contract no commitments (Satisfaction Guaranteed)


Knockout Go Green Monthly Plan

  • Our all green product is applied on a 14-day cycle

  • Knockouts all green approach to mosquito and tick control offers an all natural non-synthetic approach to vector control

  • Biodegradable / Environmentally Non-Reactive

  • Safe for all situations

  • All of our Barrier spray options carry a %100 guarantee for the application period

  • A technician will inform you when they are coming so you can prepare your animals

  • No Contract no commitments (Satisfaction Guaranteed)


No Contracts, No Hassle, No Worries!